Bikini Body Guide


Get a 'Back to the Beach' Body

There shouldn't be anything holding you back from fully enjoying some time outside after being cooped up all winter, including your body. Here are a few ways to get ahead of summer and get back to the beach:

  • Cardio -This will get your body loosened up and ready to take on the waves and other beach activities. Cardio exercises are the best for speedy results because it gets your blood flowing, gets your muscles primed for toning and strength exercises, and it increases metabolism. It is easier to tighten muscles after cardio because they have been fully nourished!
  • Stretches -Stretching is important for your muscles because it gets rid of any built up lactic acid! Stretching will increase the oxygen to your muscles and help them heal faster. Stretching also prevents muscle injuries. If you are stretched out and limber beach volleyball will be a breeze, even when you run and dive for the ball.
  • Skincare -Skincare is commonly missed when we think of a bikini body. Our skin needs to look good too! Make sure you are exfoliating at least a few times a week! (start now). Exfoliation is what prompts our bodies to create more cells, and that fights aging and keeps our skin looking bright and glowy. After exfoliation, moisturize. Moisture keeps our skin from looking dull and aged. This protects from unnecessary damage ESPECIALLY when in the sun. Moisturized skin is less likely to break out, flake, or burn! Speaking of burning, protect your skin with a high SPF sunscreen while you're out. The suns rays will feel amazing and are definitely good for your body, but too much can be damaging to the collagen in your skin!
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